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andrà tutto bene

“Andra Tutto Bene” is the slogan, displayed with a rainbow, that Italians are posting to offer encouragement and extend care to each other. The literal translation is “Everything will be okay” but colloquially is understood as a message of hope that could mean “hang in there”, “it is going to get better”, “everything will eventually be all right.” Click on the rainbow image to read more abut this movement.

I discussed this strategy of spreading hope with my children and we decided it was important to make and post a sign in our front window too. My three daughters, ranging in age from 10 to 5 years old, decided that our sign should have a large rainbow, four girls, music and the message “Hold on to HOPE.” Art provides us an important way to inspire hope, offer kindness to our community, and engender a feeling of togetherness even in the midst of social distancing and uncertainty.

If you are inspired too, please join in!

  1. Make your own sign of encouragement and hope.

  2. Take a photograph and share it on Facebook or Instagram. Please tag @kidscreatechange. We will love to see your work, but will also share posts to amplify this message to our virtual community too.

  3. Most importantly, hold on to HOPE!

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”-Christopher Reeve

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