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Art Party for Reproductive Justice!

Local artist Lindy Stockton, aka The Collage Café, created her Wonky Whimsy Rainbow series in an effort to support reproductive rigthts and social justice in our community. These one-of-a-kind art works have been generously donated to raise funds in support of Planned Parenthood and Kids Create Change! We'll be displaying and selling 100 hand painted rainbows, each for $35 at this free event! We'll have button making and cookie sales too! 50% of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and 50% goes to Kids Create Change's efforts to engage young people in advocacy and social action!

Register for the event here!

What is Reproductive Justice?

Reproductive Justice (RJ) means the human right to control our sexuality, our gender, our work, and our reproduction. That right can only be achieved when all women and girls have the complete economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about our bodies, our families, and our communities in all areas of our lives.

Indigenous women, women of color, and trans people have always fought for Reproductive Justice, but the term was invented in 1994. Right before attending the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, where the entire world agreed that the individual right to plan your own family must be central to global development, a group of black women gathered in Chicago in June of 1994. They recognized that the women’s rights movement, led by and representing middle class and wealthy white women, could not defend the needs of women of color and other marginalized women and trans people. We needed to lead our own national movement to uplift the needs of the most marginalized women, families, and communities.

Learn more about the Reproductive Justice movement and get resources here!

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