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art & wellness in uncertain times

As we enter a new reality in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that social distancing and quarantining can lead to increased anxiety, worry, sadness, fear and feelings of isolation.

How do we practice social distancing at a time when social cohesion is so important?

We want to find ways to support kids and families during this time by sharing the many ways that art exploration, art making, and art experiences can create meaningful moments of connection with each other, our community, and globally. Our goal is to find this through virtual communication and participation.

We'll offer ideas for creative engagement online, art activities for stress management, imaginative distraction, and self-care, as well as art & sel based projects for kids and families of all ages that will help to fill the long days without school, activities, or playdates in fun and engaging ways.

We hope you'll follow us on this journey as we use art to build bridges and instill hope in this time of stress and uncertainty.

Be safe and stay healthy!

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