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community peace project

Kids Create Change is collaborating with partner artists and arts organizations to create a Community Peace Offering that will incorporate the words of community members defining peace and contribute to a collaborative art event on October 4th. Sponsored by the YKNA Initiative, this project is part of the Peace Studio's 100 Offerings of Peace engaging artists and community members around the world in creating works of art that promote reflecting on the meaning and movement of peace.

All Evanstonians are invited to participate in our own Community Peace Offering!

There are several ways to join in:

  • Submit your own thoughts on what peace means to you. Click here to be connected to an online submission form where you can share your thoughts on peace. Artists and volunteers will scribe the words submitted on leaves that will be contributed to the collective.

  • Pick up a leaf from a partner site, write your reflection or wish for peace on the leaf using a sharpie marker and then drop your finished leaf back off at any of the partner locations. Click here for a list of partner sites.

  • View the launch of the assembled leaves float down the channel from one of the bridges throughout town on the morning of October 4th. Volunteers will bind the leaves together and release them at the Damrich Rowing Center on Oakton Street. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we won't be able to invite everyone to place their offerings into the water. However, a video recording of the evolution of the 'offerings' and launch will be shared with the community on the Year of Kindness and Nonviolent Action's facebook page and @kindnessinactionevanston instagram account.

Please follow this link to learn more about the October 4th Community Peace Offering.

The Community Peace Offering is rooted in the cultural traditions of coastal societies where a variety of offerings from floating lights to leaves and flowers are sent out into the rivers and seas. These offerings are rituals to honor loss, memory, family, community, restoration, hope and peace. We hope you will join us in this simple action, whose power lies in the way making art can connect us with our fellow community members during these unprecedented times.

(Images: Memorial Day Lantern Floating Ritual in Hawai; Sea Burial in Greece; Diya Offerings Floating on the Ganges River in India)

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