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Earth Day Everyday

April is Earth Month, an annual reminder to assess how we are contributing to the harm caused to our health and our planet, and make changes in our daily actions to address the climate crisis year-round. At Kids Create Change, we're doing our part by helping to reduce waste while increasing access to art materials and creative engagement!

Every Spring we collect new and gently used art materials from the community to create art kits that are distributed to kids and families in Evanston who are currently experiencing barriers to accessing art materials and arts engagement. Our Access Art Initiative is a way to not only repurpose art materials but to raise awareness about climate change, waste practices, and recycling activities.

This year the Justin Wynn Leadership Academy is helping us spearhead our Access Art materials collection! Join us in our collective quest to make art free and accessible to all while doing what we can to make change in our community and save the planet!

Here are some resources to learn more about earth month, climate change, and things you can do to make a difference!

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