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join for democracy doodles tonight!

Mo Willems is back leading us in doodles tonight at 7pm EST/ 6pm CST on the Kennedy Center's website. Regardless of age or political persuasion, Willems will invite children, families and makers of all ages to take a break from the political coverage and engage in drawing exercises accompanied by musicians from the National Symphony Orchestra.

Mo says, "voting is a lot like doodling. It's a form of self-expression, and you discover sort of who you really are as you do it." While it is essential to be talking to our children about the meaning and weight of this election, it is also necessary to attend to their feelings and thoughts during this time. The children in our care sense our anxiety and uncertainty. It is important to carve opportunities to quiet the constant churn of this antagonist election and attune to what support our children need from us in this time. Maybe it is a walk outside, maybe it is a deep breath, maybe it is doodling together.... whatever form it takes, please try to make space to listen and respond with intention to their experience. By doing this we may help them build muscles of emotional resilience, critical thinking and nourish connection.

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