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kids can vote too!

Finding ways for kids to participate in the upcoming election is a great way to get them involved in civic engagement at a young age. Many believe this upcoming election is the most critical of our time, and young children are aware that our society is approaching it and dealing with it in many different ways. They are constantly surrounded by conversations and images about the current sociopolitical climate at home, at school, over zoom, on tv and social media. Engaging kids in conversations about the upcoming election not only encourages interest in what's happening in our country and how it affects people in many different ways, it also helps to alleviate some of the stress or anxiety they might be experiencing as a response to the heightened emotions and actions that are taking place around them.

Here are a few links to ideas on how to talk to kids of all ages about the upcoming election and how to include them in civic engagement:

The Washington Post's KidsPost is holding a kids-only election so that they can see what's it's like to participate in the process. Although their votes don't count towards the real election, they'll be able to see what the outcome is of a kids' election. Voting deadline is October 28th so get your votes in today!

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