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Make art with us this weekend!

There are two wonderful opportunities to make art with us at Studio 3 this weekend.

First, Join us on Saturday, 1-3pm for Stamp Card Art. This workshop is part of Downtown Evanston’s Hygge Fest, pronounced "hue-gah," this Danish expression is an attitude towards life that emphasizes finding joy in everyday moments. Rather than drudge through the winter, hygge is about celebrating coziness, warmth and connection.

This Saturday we will be making a unique series of cards to share with dear ones this season; just in time for sending Valentine's too! As hygge is all about slowing down and connecting with people you care about, we invite you to create that warm, cozy feeling in yourself by slowing down and making art at Studio 3. Share the hygge by sending a note of care to someone you love.

The workshop is $15 per maker. All materials included. This project is accessible to makers of all ages and abilities. Click on this link to save your spot.

Then, join us on Sunday, 1-3pm for a Red Tent Art Workshop. The red tent, currently on display at Studio 3, is a collaborative tapestry that began in 2006 by artist and art therapist, Dr. Lesley Reagan. It is a material gathering of histories and blessings which has been present for weddings, births, celebrations, workshops and parades. The people who have participated in this project have placed their blessings, prayers and stories into this tapestry... some of the stories have been shouted during parades, some sewn on and shared in small circles and some stories have been whispered so quietly that only the fabric knows them. You are invited to experience and contribute to this living tapestry. You do not have to be a woman or an artist to participate... the Red Tent Project is for everyone!

In this workshop facilitated by Lesley, you will learn about the project and be invited to contribute in a variety of ways. No previous art experience is necessary. The art workshop is designed for makers 8 years old and up. The workshop is $20 per maker. All materials & snacks included. Please click on this link to register today.

As an act of mutual care and responsibility masks are required at all Studio 3 events.

Studio 3 is located at 617C Grove Street. Our entrance is marked by the black and white striped awning in the alley between Grove and Davis St. We look forward to making art with you!

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