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portfolio making (guest blogger: Seneca)

We are making art portfolios because you will need a place to store all your amazing art! First thing you need to know: This is your art not mine, you make it how you want it to be. For me, this portfolio is going to be my 2020 Art Portfolio. Maybe this is a good place to store art from past years. When I was youngerI would draw all the time, so I like to have a place to keep my art. So if you are ready, I'm ready. Let's do this!

What you'll need:

  • Duct/shipping tape,

  • masking tape

  • a paper grocery bag

  • paint or oil pastels

  • Mod Podge (if you like)

  • your creative hands!

Step 1: Take out your paper bag and cut one side all the way to the bottom. Remove the bottom too.

Step 2: Fold the bag flat with the handles on top and cut an even edge on the new bottom.

Step 3: Use the duct tape to seal the open side and the bottom of your portfolio.

Step 4: Use the masking tape to make any kind of design on the paper bag. Make sure to press the tape down hard so that the paint doesn't go underneath it.

Step 5: Paint any colors on the paper bag, remember that you will take the tape off so don't just paint on the tape because you will be removing it.

Step 6: Try using the oil pastels while you are painting or when you are done. (pro-tip: if you are using markers, do not mix them with the wet paint!)

Step 7: Then let it dry.

Step 8: When it is dry, make sure it really is dry every part... or it will rip. Pull the tape off gently when you know your portfolio is completely dry.

Step 9: Now we are going to use Mod Podge on your art portfolio to make a protective shield. You will have to spread the Mod Podge everywhere but don't use too much because that will make the paper bag wrinkle. Don't worry -at first the Mod Podge is white, but it will dry clear.

Step 10: Let your portfolio dry (again).

Step 11: Yay, Your Art Portfolio is Done!!! Now it is ready to hold your amazing artwork!!!

By: Seneca Lyonsmith

Age:10, D65 student

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