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practice gratitude

To raise kind, courageous and resilient children, I believe it is essential to cultivate a practice of gratitude. Gratitude reminds us of what we have to be thankful for and the many connected hands that make this possible. Pairing this practice with art can be a meaningful way to move these thoughts into a public space and invite others to reflect too. This week we took to the sidewalks with chalk to start a gratitude list.

Thank you to the many helpers in our communities who are caring for the sick, keeping stores stocked with essential items, sharing learning resources and combating isolation online, and maintaining community functions for our collective health and safely. Thank you too for caregivers and parents for modeling resiliency for our children and for doing the best we can to approach this time with bravery, creativity and calm. Please consider making a public list too! Share and tag us on Facebook or Instagram with @kidscreatechange.

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