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Sacred Circle opens this Saturday!

We are thrilled to announce the first exhibition at Studio 3: SACRED CIRCLE: The Work and Words of My Mother, curated by Michaela Marchi and photographs of Liz Marchi's work by Joe Compean. Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, Nov 6th, 4-6pm at our home, Studio 3, located at 617C Grove St (alley entrance) in the heart of Downtown Evanston.

You are invited to an all-sensory experience of the interplay between art, nature and ethnic identity through the eyes of Liz Marchi, Michaela's mother. The exhibition features her textile art works, imaginative prose and some of her intimate thoughts and revelations as she navigated a cancer diagnosis. What pulls these creative moments from her life together is a perspective on the experience of life as taught to her by her mother, Floripa, (Isleta Pueblo), who instilled a deep respect and love for Nature and our gentle place in it.

Liz Marchi (aka “Liz of Chicago”) was a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Art Education and Textile Design. She specialized in the technique of batik dyeing, a wax-resistant fabric dyeing process with with Indonesian origins. She designed and created wearable pieces as well as conceptual wallhangings to represent her understanding of the Natural world. She also created works in ink on paper. She exhibited her works in fashion shows in various venues, as well as institutions including the Illinois State Museum. She pulled from her Isleta Pueblo/Filipina identity to help shape and direct her creative process, which ultimately carried her through the most difficult times in her life, and helped her to transform them into something divine.

Michaela shares “Her artistic visions have proved timeless in beauty and concept, and her words of wisdom and lessons on spiritual growth especially in times of difficulty continue to impact me and the lives of everyone who knew her, and now know her through me.

My mother died in 1989, leaving some works unfinished, but left me and my brother a legacy of beautiful visions and ideas of how we can walk on this earth with grace and compassion for ourselves and one another. And as I navigate my own related cancer diagnosis, I remember her and honor our connection. Her wisdom is timeless, transcending the generations to heal, grow and evolve. Her Sacred Circle - her work, her words, her intimate connections to people and places - continues even today to nurture my journey to wellness and wholeness.

There is no denying that losing your mother - at any age - but especially during those formative years - leaves a giant hole in the center of your being. But because of how I know her, I see that hole in the earth’s fertile soil and I realize she planted seeds before she left. Now I have this incredible perpetual garden of paradise where I can contemplate my path, watch the birds and butterflies, smell the wildflowers, soak in the sun and be cleansed by the rain showers, and be inspired to create, share and connect."

We are honored to share this work with you and are profoundly grateful for the power of art and stories to connect us. We hope you can join us Saturday, November 6th, from 4-6pm.

As a practice of community care and responsibility, masks are required.

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