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Sacred Circle Workshop Series

Thank you to everyone who came out last Sunday for the first workshop in the Sacred Circle series: Sculpt with Mother Nature. We loved hosting a full house at Studio 3, gathering with new and old friends to make art, and feeling the warmth, creativity and nurturing presence of being together!

Unfortunately, out of an abundance of caution, we need to reschedule the workshop, Art of Healing (initially planned for tomorrow) as Michaela is sick. We hate to postpone this meaningful time together, but would absolutely love if you could join us on Sunday, December 5th from 1-2:30pm.

Please see details below about the three remaining workshops in this powerful series inspired by the exhibition, Sacred Circle: the Works and Words of my Mother, curated by Michaela Marchi. We hope you can join us at Studio 3 to witness the show and make art with us soon!

Art of Healing on Sunday, December 5th from 1-2:30pm

In many indigenous cultural traditions of North America, indigenous people use medicine bags as an everyday part of life to maintain a sense of tribal identity and wellbeing. Being Isleta Pueblo, my mother also had a practice of giving some of her dearest friends a handmade pouch filled with items that were sacred to her - and sometimes words of encouragement and love - as a token of well wishes from the heart. In this workshop, we will make our own versions of this idea and customize them for ourselves or loved ones. This workshop is ticketed and designed for makers 12 & up. All materials provided to assemble your own tangible symbol of healing utilizing embroidery techniques inspired by Liz Marchi's work and special items imbued healing properties. Follow this link to register.

Artful Adornments on Sunday, December 12th from 10:30-noon

My mother believed that art should be a part of our everyday life, including how we adorn ourselves. Not only did she create evening and everyday wearable items of clothing appliquéd with batik-dyed patches that were meticulously embroidered, she also extended her ideas to simple necklaces that could be worn anytime with anything! Let’s make some soft sculpture jewelry together! This workshop is ticketed and makers of all ages are welcome. All materials provided for creating your own wearable medallion. Follow this link to register.

Sing Me Home on Saturday, December 18th from 10-noon

Take time out with us before the new year to sit, listen, imagine and be inspired to create. Music and singing have been a profound form of healing practice for me as a cancer patient and survivor. I find that this practice, which requires contemplation, reflection and creativity, is very much like my mother’s practice of creative endeavor. Influenced by my mother’s love and respect for nature, I also draw my inspiration from nature and our fellow guides - the animals - to sing and write. The process always helps me find center again, or “home”. Take time out with us before the new year to sit, listen, imagine and be inspired to create - whether visual or poetry or your own song. Michaela will guide us with gentle words and improvised singing. This workshop is designed for art makers 12 years old & up. Follow this link to register.

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