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take your art outside: chalk art

Chalk art is an engaging way to make art on a large scale, express ideas and communicate to others in your neighborhood. Drawing images or writing messages of hope, gratitude or encouragement can be a meaningful way to reach out to others in this time of physical distance and uncertainty. There are countless ways to use this medium to encourage play, laughter, inspiration, remembering and fun.

Here are some ideas we have encountered:

  • create a hopscotch board

  • share a poem

  • create a mural of flowers, fish or anything you can imagine

  • share a motivating message

  • draw symbols of love and hope

  • create new characters and stories on the sidewalk

  • write a silly joke

  • create a large "stained glass" design using masking tape and chalk

  • draw portraits of your family and friends near and far

  • share a gratitude list

  • design a maze or scavenger hunt with arrows that wraps around your block

  • surprise a neighbor with a personal message of kindness

  • acknowledge birthdays, graduations and other celebrations

  • create an invitation for others to add their own art

There are so many ways we can inspire others and use art making as a meaningful method to cope with what we are experiencing ourselves. It can be a powerful act of kindness to brighten someone else's day when they see words of encouragement or beauty in unexpected places, but it can also be a profound act of resilience for the maker to decide and share what is on their heart.

If you are curious about trying the masking tape and chalk resist technique (pictured above on the bottom left), here are some helpful hints.

  • Choose a tape which is easy to stick down, but also easy to release. Painter's tape or masking tape is a great option.

  • Sweep off the area you intend to make art on. This helps to insure that your tape will stick and that you have a clear space to draw on.

  • Create an outside frame with the tape. It can be any size or shape, just be sure to secure the edges of the tape as best you can.

  • Within the frame, create a design with tape lines that form new shapes and patterns.

  • Using the chalk, color in all the shapes using different colors or a single color. Be sure to shade the shape all the way to the tape's edge.

  • Once all the shapes are complete, remove the tape to reveal your unique design.

Drawing with chalk is an excellent activity to engage in together as a family or with a small group of people. It will allow opportunities for planning, cooperation, problem solving and working together to reach a creative outcome. Please share your ideas, hints or images with us. We would love to see what you are creating in your community.

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