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the power of rituals: all things food

We believe that rituals help connect people and bring communities together. They are especially important during the pandemic as they can provide a schedule and markings of time when 'normal' routines have been disrupted or erased, and offer a sense of security in their familiarity and predictability. We have many blog posts devoted to ideas for ways you can build on rituals that you are probably already doing, and inspirations for new ones that can help offer a bit of consistency or stability during this time of unpredictability and uncertainty for little ones to teens.

All Things Food

Food is my go to. I grew up in a home where everything revolved around food. Eating together, cooking together, hosting, socializing, celebrating, grieving, comforting... it all involved food. Food was and remains the embodiment of ritual for me and my family. There are many ways to find ritual in sharing or making meals, in meal planning, in getting take-out, ordering delivery, and picking up lunches from the school lunch program. You can plant food, grow food, and compost food. I love the process of growing food from scraps in our kitchen. It's a simple activity that kids can do at home with the food already in your fridge! The act of "planting" them, feeding/watering them, and watching them grow daily is a ritual that offers learning and connection to our planet's resources and doing our share for the environment.


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