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the power of rituals: daily check-ins

We believe that rituals help connect people and bring communities together. They are especially important during the pandemic as they can provide a schedule and markings of time when 'normal' routines have been disrupted or erased, and offer a sense of security in their familiarity and predictability. We have many blog posts devoted to ideas for ways you can build on rituals that you are probably already doing, and inspirations for new ones that can help offer a bit of consistency or stability during this time of unpredictability and uncertainty for little ones to teens.

Daily Check-Ins

A simple daily check-in can go a long way. There are a lot of feelings and emotions that kids are navigating as a result of the pandemic. Fear of the virus, the frustration of not being able to go out and see friends, the lack of structure typically provided by school, the decrease in physical activity offered by extracurriculars and sports, and the loss of many events and celebrations. Checking-in with each other every day is a simple routine that illustrates love and care, and it can also open the door to talking about and sorting through some of those feelings and emotions. Here are some links to tips and ideas for checking in with kids and fostering conversations about how they can express and manage feelings during this time.

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