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the power of rituals: holiday traditions

Continuing our series on rituals, we believe that rituals help connect people and bring communities together. They are especially important during the pandemic as they can provide a schedule and markings of time when 'normal' routines have been disrupted or erased, and offer a sense of security in their familiarity and predictability. We have many blog posts devoted to ideas for ways you can build on rituals that you are probably already doing, and inspirations for new ones that can help offer a bit of consistency or stability during this time of unpredictability and uncertainty for little ones to teens.

Holiday Traditions

Find new ways to celebrate holidays and important family, cultural and religious rituals that have meaning to your family. This past spring, there were many who participated in Zoom Passover and Easter dinners with extended family, and participated in virtual worship in celebration of Ramadan. Neighborhoods coordinated Easter Egg Hunts by asking residents to place paper easter eggs in their windows for young children to seek on their walks. There are many holidays and seasonal traditions coming upon us in the next few months. Draw some inspiration from these ideas so you can continue to make these important events special despite the physical distance this year.

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