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the power of rituals: life-cycle events

We believe that rituals help connect people and bring communities together. They are especially important during the pandemic as they can provide a schedule and markings of time when 'normal' routines have been disrupted or erased, and offer a sense of security in their familiarity and predictability. We have many blog posts devoted to ideas for ways you can build on rituals that you are probably already doing, and inspirations for new ones that can help offer a bit of consistency or stability during this time of unpredictability and uncertainty for little ones to teens.

Life-Cycle Events

This past summer there were a lot of kids graduating from milestone school years. Our local high school had 'Congratulations Class of 2020' yard signs made for all 900+ graduating seniors and more than 115 teachers and school staff delivered them to the students' houses. The signs gave families and friends an opportunity to exhibit their pride in the teen's accomplishment, and the collective act symbolized a community coming together to celebrate the graduates. Birthdays are being celebrated by friends driving in procession in front of the celebrant's house with signs and songs. These physically-distanced and virtual celebrations offer a way to maintain social connections and celebrate important life events with friends and family while being safe and socially responsible.

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