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who doesn't love baby yoda?

In my house baby yoda is a hit. Once he made his debut on The Mandalorian, we were hooked. Long time Stars Wars fans (of the original trilogy) our family trades baby yoda memes from coast to coast. So in honor of our familial love for baby yoda I've created this post. If you're a fan too, here are some links to inspire you create your own baby yoda at home!

There are so many baby yoda ideas out there so we've gathered a few for you...

Check out these patterns for crocheting a baby yoda here.

There's one for an amazing amigurumi baby yoda here!

If you're into needle felting, you can find a tutorial here.

And more baby yoda craft ideas here!

And finally, here's a how-to video on folding baby yoda origami. Enjoy!

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