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winter wonderland at canal shores

What is the Winter Wonderland at Canal Shores?

This month-long event is a community art event that invites the public to make art and install it along the Canal Shores path as part of a nature-based, outdoor exhibition!  Anyone who wants to participate can!  There are scheduled activities taking place throughout the month of February, weekly community fire-pits, and an open-ended invitation to make art and hang it from trees and on fences throughout the golf course whenever inspiration strikes!

Kids Create Change has designated a tree as the Hope Tree.  We invite kids and families to help decorate it and add your

messages of hope to this evolving art installation.  


Some ideas for adding to the Hope Tree:

  • Help us yarn bomb the trunks and large branches of the tree and the fallen log beside it

  • Make a bird using masking tape and tinfoil and place it on the Hope Tree (your bird can be perched on a branch, nesting in a crevice, or hanging from the tree as if in flight)

  • Fold paper birds in origami style to add to the tree and write messages of hope on their wings

  • Write messages of hope and drop it in the collection box next to the tree


Scroll down for photos, templates, and instructions!

KCC Winter Wonderland 2021 Flyer.jpg
ideas and inspiration for what you can make and add to the hope tree

Finger Knitting

Finger knitting is a basic knitting process that even small children can do.  The only material you need is yarn!  Check out this video to learn how to finger knit and add your creation big or small to the Hope Tree!

Folding Paper Cranes

Folding paper arts like origami is a fun way to make shapes and figures.  Our favorite are the traditional Japanese Paper Cranes or orizuru.  Click here to learn more about the tradition and significance of paper cranes in Japanese culture.

More links to paper crane folding instructions:

How to Make a Paper Crane

Easy Origami Crane Instructions


Foil & Tape Birds

Foil and tape birds can be made with typical household items: tinfoil and masking tape.  We are inspired by the foil and tape artist Don Seiden to make birds to perch on and fly around our Hope Tree. Check out this video on how to use foil and tape to form and decorate a bird.  We also have a step-by-step guide below.

Foil and Tape Birds How-To.jpg
where is the Hope Tree?

The Kids Create Change Hope Tree is located on Lincoln St. between Asbury and Ridge.  You'll find it right up against the fence on the North end of the street that lines the Canal Shores golf course and Chandler-Newberger community center.  

for more information about Winter Wonderland 2021 and to see a list of scheduled activities visit:
Evanston Made

This is a view of the Hope Tree from Lincoln St. facing North.

you can add your artwork and handmade treasures to the hope tree on it's trunk, branches, the fence and the fallen log next to the tree.

Or just take a stroll down Lincoln and check out its' evolution throughout the month of February!

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