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kids create change

Kids Create Change is a school-based program that promotes social justice learning in young people through the arts.  We use art making and storytelling to create cultural experiences that foster social-emotional development and socio-cultural awareness.  In our work with students, we center the stories of young people, Black, Brown, Indigenous artists, and artists who are often marginalized or silenced due to their social identities including those who identify as non-binary, LGBTQ, neurodiverse, and artists with disabilities.  


We believe that equity and social justice through the arts is grounded in the power of visibility and representation as a force for shifting social consciousness towards a more empathetic and antiracist society.

These programs take place during and after-school hours and can range from one classroom to school-wide activities and events.  We also offer cultural art experiences for families, caregivers and school staff with an emphasis on tools to inform social justice learning at home and at school.
Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world. 
Paulo Coelho
can art change the world?
Titus Kaphar on the Power of Art
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