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Come add a bird or a hope to the Kids Create Change Hope Tree! We are teaming up with @evanston_made and @downtownevanston to create a Winter Wonderland of art at @canalshores in February.

This month-long, community art event invites the public to make art and install it along the Canal Shores path as part of a nature-based, outdoor exhibition! Anyone who wants to participate can! There are scheduled activities taking place throughout the month of February, weekly community fire-pits, and an open-ended invitation to make art and hang it from trees and on fences throughout the golf course to create an immersive art experience.

Kids Create Change has designated a tree as the Hope Tree. We are inviting local kids and families to help decorate it and add your messages of hope to this evolving art installation.

Some ideas for adding to the Hope Tree:

~Help us yarn bomb the trunks and large branches of the tree and the fallen log beside it.

~Make a bird using masking tape and tinfoil and place it on the Hope Tree (your bird can be perched on a branch, nesting in a crevice, or hanging from the tree as if in flight).

~Fold paper birds in origami style to add to the tree and write messages of hope on their wings.

~Write messages of hope and drop it in the birdhouses next to the tree.

Follow this link for inspiration, instructions and more information on the Hope Tree. We are excited to see how the tree evolves in the coming month!

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