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join us at the fire pit!

(Drone shot of a poetry performance by Pamela Paulsrud at the fire pit & artist demos on Saturday, Feb 20th. Photo credit: @thelisadshow)

Join us this Saturday, February 27th from 3-5pm at the Canal Shore Club House Fire Pit off Lincoln Ave. This weekend Kids Create Change is teaming up with the Artists Book House for an afternoon of s’mores and art making. We will make birds of all sorts, warm up by the fire, enjoy hot chocolate or coffee and of course "bind" our own s'mores with toasted marshmallows! It should be a wonderful afternoon of creativity and community.

Throughout the month of February, Canal Shores and Evanston Made have welcomed the community to create a Winter Wonderland of art and discovery at the Canal Shores Golf Course. The winter landscape has been activated with art installations that are enduring and ephemeral. Creatives in our community have offered numerous ways to experience and participate in art from poetry performances to icicle sculptures, snowy labyrinth walks to yarn bombing and various installations that can be found as you traverse the golf course. Please follow this link to access a current map of artwork that evolved this month.

Kids Create Change has designated a Hope Tree just off Lincoln Avenue at the north fence. Everyone is welcome to add their messages of hope to this evolving art installation.

You can:

~"Yarn bomb" by wrapping yarn or crochet pieces to the trunks or branches of the trees.

~Make a bird using masking tape and tinfoil or fabric to place on the Hope Tree. Your bird can be perched on a branch, nesting in a crevice, or hanging from the tree as if in flight!

~Fold paper birds in origami style to add to the tree and write messages of hope on their wings.

~Write messages of hope and drop them in the Hope Tree birdhouses.

We hope you will join us this Saturday and engage your creativity in lifting your hopes and dreams for our community. It is going to be fun and delicious! This event is free and open to everyone.

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