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make a quilt; tell a story

You don't need to sew, but you can if you like. This project is inspired by story quilts and the rich African American tradition of sharing history, recording life events and telling stories through this meaningful craft. Begin with squares of paper for each family member to write or draw on. Respond to a common question, create self portraits, or share a favorite memory. All the squares are then glued together on a single piece of paper.

Our quilt was made with the invitation to share what family means to us. Our 6 year old wrote, I think family is sharing and sharing good food and it is love.” If you like, sew on the paper with a sewing machine to finish your project with fun stitches. You could also collage fabric pieces on each square to create pictures in cloth to tell your story. Please share your quilts or ideas with us by tagging us on instagram @kidscreatechange

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