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offer an art hug

As we are all figuring out how to navigate social distance and social cohesion, it is important to consider how we talk and play with our children in ways that are thoughtful and purposeful. Creating an art hug offers a tangible way to explore personal space and connection with even very young makers.

First you begin by tracing hands on card stock or thin cardboard (cereal boxes work great).

  • Decorate the hands with markers or oil pastels for rich, bright colors.

  • Punch a hole in both hands.

  • Cut a string as long as their arms outstretched.

  • Tie one hand to the end of the string.

  • Bead all kinds of wonderful things on the “hug line.” Think broadly here and use items you have on hand. You can turn many things into a "bead" by punching a hole in cardboard cut outs, plastic lid caps, etc. Straws, pipe cleaners, and even other yarns can create wonderful embellishments around the string.

  • When you are done beading, tie the other hand to the other end of the string.

  • As you work, discuss the range of extending care to ourselves and others by washing our hands, maintaining personal space, using alternate ways to greet each other, reaching out virtually or even sending a hug in the mail to someone who needs it.

This project provides an opportunity to bring current events, safety and care into our play and art making. Intentional art making has the capacity to hold heaviness and complexity while also allowing for creativity, simplicity and joy. Wishing you health, calm and care. #creativitymatters #playmatters #care #arthugs #creativekids #kidcrafts #artplay

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