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shadow drawing

Thank you friends and facebook! I discovered this drawing idea by way of a dear friend and two other moms making art with their children. This simple art invitation only requires a paper, pencil, light source, favorite small toy and your imagination. Our spring in the Midwest is full of cloudy days, but we are trying this out with flashlights too.

  1. Pick a favorite figurine animal or character.

  2. Considering the placement of the sun or flashlight, cast a shadow of the figurine on your paper.

  3. Trace the shadow.

  4. Create a background for the image.

  5. Write a story about the drawing you created.

The sky is the limit on where your sketch will take you. Consider tracing two or more figurines on the page and creating a dialogue between them. If your child is too young to record their own story, become a scribe to their storytelling. I love the stories children tell about their images and as a parent have cherished having these glimpses into their thoughts years later. For older children, invite them to create a storyboard, comic or zine using the images they create. Enjoy drawing together and capturing the shadows!

Photo credit: Rachel Pearce Millhone

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