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the power of ritual

I am a firm believer in the value and power of rituals - from everyday rituals that seem more like habits to rituals associated with special occasions and holidays. Rituals offer a sense of security in their familiarity and predictability. They help connect individuals and bring communities together. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, daily rituals like taking a bath, family rituals like eating dinner together, and rituals around holidays have special importance for kids. They provide a schedule and markings of time when 'normal' routines have been disrupted or erased. We will be sharing a series of blog posts that offer ideas for ways you can build on rituals that you are probably already doing, and inspirations for new ones that can help offer a bit of consistency or stability during this time of unpredictability and uncertainty for little ones to teens. Check out some of the articles linked below and stay tuned for ideas and inspiration for personal, family, and community rituals in future blog posts!

Image by Indira Freitas Johnson, Evanston Artist and Community Activist

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